WCNY Spring 2023 Collaboration – “Equal Protection: The Supreme Court’s Battle with Affirmative Action”

Once again Upstate Oasis and WCNY collaborated to present a live in-person and virtual screening and discussion of “Equal Protection: The Supreme Court’s Battle with Affirmative Action.” This locally produced documentary examines race-based decision making as two cases before the court challenge its use in college admissions. Interviews with scholars and key participants illuminate affirmative action’s judicial history, its future, and the passion that surrounds it.

After viewing the documentary, Laura Hand moderated a live Q&A panel discussion with local experts including Mitch Gelman, president and CEO at WCNY, himself a co-writer of the documentary, along with fellow co-writer Tom Seeley. With 100 people registered to attend virtually and 35 attending in-person, the night was a success, providing many new insights into a long-debated topic.

We look forward to future collaborations with WCNY!

If you missed the presentation, it can be viewed here: