Upstate Oasis Winter/Spring 2024 Catalog

Dear Oasis Friends,

It gives us great pleasure to present our Winter/Spring catalog for 2024. That’s right: 2024, if you can believe it. The excitement has been palpable this past Fall as a large number of classes are transitioning back to “in-person” and our members have had increasing chances to personally interact. The connections we make at Oasis are vital to all of us as ongoing research has shown that interpersonal connections and lifelong learning are keys to successful aging, and even “Superaging.”

We have been busy recruiting new teachers, and our subject matter has likewise been expanding. In addition, Oasis Everywhere has added much depth to our local offerings. This trimester we are pleased to welcome Dr. Corona and Dr. Tucker for their presentation on the future of healthcare, along with a new, favorite partnership with the Curd Nerd for an Irish cheese tasting, and the return of art appreciation classes with Laura Nicholls. Please remember to contact our program manager with any ideas for new classes that you might have an interest in.

Of course, all these programs take significant resources. We have had wonderful support from our main sponsor, SUNY Upstate Medical University, and in the past from our wonderful members like you. We hope you will find it in your interest to continue your support via either the Fall campaign, which is ongoing, or by adding your donation to your registration fee for the coming term.

We are excited to begin the new trimester, and we hope that you will take advantage of all that we have to offer so you can continue your individual lifelong adventure at Oasis. This is your time to shine.

Michael Ratner, MD
Co-Chair, Oasis Development and Marketing Committee

Registration opens on January 2 for the fall trimester, which runs from January 16-April 12.

For more information or to register for a class that has already started, please call 315-464-6555.