About Upstate Oasis

Oasis is a national nonprofit educational organization designed to enhance the quality of life for adults age 50 and older. Join us to make new friends and explore new activities. Stay active with our exercise programs, continue to learn with our classes, volunteer to teach our classes or get involved with one of our inter-generational programs.

Upstate Oasis Programs

Upstate Oasis Staff

Cynthia Woods
(315) 464-4426

Sandy Roberts
Executive Assistant
(315) 464-4568

Jennifer Michella
Program & Volunteer Manager
(315) 464-1745

Shelly Lee
Tutor Coordinator
(315) 464-1746

Lisa Vigliotti Bane
Outreach and Women’s Health Manager
(315) 464-4827

Refund Policy

Class fees are non-transferable and non-refundable unless Oasis cancels your class.

If a registrant needs to cancel a class due to jury duty or a medical reason, the registrant will receive a credit for the amount of the class fee which can be applied towards a future class at Oasis. Cancellation requests must be made 48 hours prior to the start of class.

Class cancellations may occur if minimum enrollment is not met. If necessary, registrants will be notified and any applicable fees refunded or credited.

Friends of Oasis: Syracuse

We are grateful to all of our donors for their loyalty and generosity. Gifts reported below were received between 3/10/2020-12/8/2022. Your support enables us to strengthen our legacy of lifelong learning and service to the community.

Matisse Benefactor ($2500 and above)

Elinor Spring-Mills
James C. Bresnahan
Virginia M. DeBenedictis
Harold G. Jones
John and Elizabeth Mckinnell
Jeffrey G. Smith

Matisse Fellow ($1000 –  $2499)

Tom and Pam LeBlanc
Francine Boutet
Stephen and Jo-Anne Carmel
Thomas Henry
Lorraine M. LaDuke
Susan Martineau
Rachel Netzband
Michael and Rissa Ratner
Sieglinde Schwinge
Mark and Melissa Sheremeta

Sustaining Scholar ($500 – $999)

Richard Lightcap
Priscilla Avery
Eileen R. Deuell
Anne Dupont and Mary Robinson
Evelyn and Nicholas Fiorenza
Michael and Grace Flusche
John and Candace Marsellus
Debbie Olson
Barbara Paradise
Margery A. Pinet
Diana Biro and Eric Rogers
Arnie and Libby Rubenstein
Faith G. Van Voolen
Cynthia Woods

Contributing Scholar ($250 – $499)

Nancy D. Allison
Marvin and Muriel Bodley
Ronald and Judy Cavanagh
Vincent Ciccarino
Joseph and Elaine Coppola
Peter and Elizabeth Costello
Caroline L. Dimmick
Barbara A. Fero
Lawrence and Dorothy Gordon
Gary S. Hartman
Rhonda Hungerford
Barbara J. Inglis
Mary Jernigan
Barbara C. Kimm
Kaye M. Lindauer
Coy L. Ludwig
Gerald M. Mager
Dr. Bonita B. Marcoccia
Frederick and Virginia Marty
Lora McCooey
Marie C. Miczan
Donna Z. Miller
Susan W. Moskal
Stephanie L. Nicholson
Lawrence and Joan Page
Virginia and Frederick Parker
Richard and Neva Pilgrim
Melvin and Madeline Rubenstein
Pierce and Martha Ryan
Joe and Carolyn Smith
Carolyn Stark
Cynthia D. Stevenson
Peter and Martha Thompson
Mark and Nancy Wadopian
Anita and Howard Weinberger
Kenneth and Nancy Wilson

Supporting Scholar ($150 – $249)

John and Rona Edlund
Mary Lou Bender
Ona Bregman
Elizabeth Calnon
Anthony Cimino
Cheryl Claeys
Diana F. Cramer
Donald and Barbara Crossett
Audray A. Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. David Feiglin
Donald and Susan Foster
Virginia Frey
Norma Gawlowicz
Peter and Nancy Geiskopf
Marion Greenhalgh
Lynne Haller
Roberta Hampson
Laura Hand
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Harris
Marie D. Iadanza
Darl and Deanna Johnston
Mary Kelly
George Kirkpatrick
Mary J. Kolodziej
Ann T. Kronner
Apinya Kurtzworth
Shelly Lee
Soule Leiter
Joyce R Lennon
Jean and Michael Loftus
JoAnn B. Loren
Coy L. Ludwig
William McAvoy
Michael and Marilyn McCabe
Den and Dot McCort
Deirdre Neilen
Robert and Katherine O’Connor
Patricia Pierce
Marlene Reilly
Michael and Ann Ricciardiello
Buzz and Gretchen Roberts
William Roberts
Gloria Sage
Bill and Mary Kay Silky
Genevieve Therre
Susan S.Wadley
Brenda Silverman
Mark Watkins
Paul Weiss
Jenna Weitzel
Linda Wilcox

Scholar ($100 – $149)

Earl Turner
Elaine Abrams
Carolyn Arney
Erin Avery
Mickey Baccoli
Lauren Badawy
Susan Borker
William and Audrey Boyd
Donald and Anna Bridy
DeForest and Jean Brooker
Mary Therese Callahan
Wendy D. Davenport
Nancy Davidson
Margrit M. Diehl
Diane A. Dimond MD
Donald and Maureen Dinero
Lois Easterday
Jean Eschner
Marcia Ferber
Barbara Foley
William and Joyce Goodwin
Vicki and Roger Greenberg
Christine Greene
Deborah Herbert
Judith A. Holden
Sydney Howes
Patricia Hudelson
Judy and Neal Janaushek
Lewis and Julie Johnson
Christa H. Kilmartin
Sandra Kinsella
$100-149 (cont’d)
Sandra M. LaGraffe
Robert and Lauren Lalley
Nancy LaParo
Zalie H. Linn
Elizabeth A. Lockwood
Linda Lowen
Kathleen Maloney
John and Judith Marley
Peter J. Martuscello
Wallace and Gayonne McDonald
Dr. Terrence J. McGovern
Leslie H. Molldrem
Mary Kay Moore
Stephen and Mary Jane Nathan
Christopher Jamison and Signe Nelson
Margaret Neuhierl
Anton and Mardie Ninno
Mary Pat Oliker
Tammy J. Peck
Marilyn L. Pinsky
Mary Rose Ranieri
Michael and Susan Rauer
Jean Reilly
David Rettig
Suzanne Rosselot and Kathleen Clark
James and Lucy Seitz
Mary Toscano
Dennis and Deborah Trepanier
Gail Tyndall
Cullmon Washington Jr
Virginia W. Watson
Betsy Webb-Bronzetti
Barbara P. Wood
Henry L. Yokel
Elizabeth P. Zebley
Louise Zgardzinski

Friend ($1 – $99)

Patricia Mitchell
Katherine Adelson
Sharon Akkoul
Christine M. Alencewicz
Karen Alimi
Ira and Joyce Ames
Martha Angelone
Joanne R. Balfour
Margaret Banazek
Carl and Margaret Bates
Lorraine Baxter
Constance Belsi
Deborah Bogan
James and Shirley Ann Bowen
Elma Boyko
Mary Boyle
Virginia Brandt
Harold Bristol
Carol Brodsky
Karen Brower
Cheryl Brown
Michael and Karen Burns
Elisabeth Burton
Francine M. Cannella
Janice Carr
Georgia Carvounis
Jane K. Chamberlain
Betty Churchill
Debbie Cianciolo
Kathleen Clark
Mary Clarke
Susan Cobb
Mary Coffin
Jessica Cohen
Paige Coir
Jacinta M. Colombo
Raymond H Colton
Shelley Conture
Genevieve J. Covelli
Robert A. Crabtree
Barbara Crane
Susan Crocker
Wendy R. Cynamon
Patricia Dailey
Elizabeth J. Daniel
Solange David
Carol S. Decker
Domenica DelBrocco
David Dickinson
Kathleen DiGennaro
Kathleen Disque
Virginia D. Donohue
Martha Donovan
Vince Doty
Mary Downey
Harry Dross
Mary Dunn
Annie Eagan
Jean M. Edminster
Thomas Egan
Kathy Eisele
Gayle Ross
Patricia C Eldred
Marjorie Eldridge
Virginia Engan
Gustav Engbretson
Patricia Erickson
Brenda Eschelbacher
Joseph D. Falcone
Mary Kate Faloon
Sara Farchione and Bob Jokl
Joyce Farrell
Cathy Fedrizzi
Jane Feld
Norma S Feldman
Mary Jane Fennessey
Donna M. Ferris
Midge Ferris
Patti Fine
Nancy J. Finnigan
Kathy Flack
Louise E. Flynn
Earleen Foulk
Helen Freniere
Patricia Freyberger
Howard Friedman
George and Halina Gagne
Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Garbinski
Katharine A. Gaul
Nancy George
Isabelle Gerbin
Claudia Gervais
Madeline P. Gilmour
Alan Goldberg
Michele Goldstein
Dennis and Linda Goodrich
Nancy Graham
Carroll Grant
Patricia Greenberg
Winifred E. Greenberg
Brian Greenhouse
Kathryn Greenspan
Barbara Gregory
Dr. Bonnie and Gary Grossman
Ellene W. Hall
Judith Hand
Carole Hansen
William and Dorothy Hares
Richard and Susan Heimerman
Gordon and Louise Heisler
Martha M. Hellstrom
Kathleen Hough
Jane Hugo
Jan Humphrey
Sally Hyde
Mary Ihle
Phyllis S. Ilnitzki
Susan Ingersoll
Gerald and Mary Ireton
Richard Isbell
Cheryl Jordon
Rosamma Joseph
Wanda Jukam
Randy Kalish
Daniel Kanaley
Susan L. Katz
Arlene Keppler
Phyllis Kimiak
Carole Koenig
Rosemarie Konrath
Lynda Kreitzer
John and Rita Kubert
Rhonda Kublin
Linda A. Labella-Morgan
Cheryl A. LaManche
Judith LaManna Rivette
Nancy Lambright
Diane R. Lansing
Lawrence Lardy
Carole B. Lawrence
E. Ann Lehmann
Mark and Jeanette Levinsohn
Lee Livermore
John and Pamela Luchsinger
Karen Lumb
Christine Luton
Karyle Maddox
Julia Maguire
Betty Marten
Larry Martin
Ann M. Martorana
Margaret McChesney
Ann and Jim McDonell
Oisin McGinty
Thomas McKay and Dianne Apter
Jacqueline McKillop
Howard McLaughlin and Mary O’Hara
Christine Measell
Stephen Merrill
Eric Merson and Kathleen Watt
Lois Meyer
Robert Michiel
Beverly Miller
Kathy Miller
Peg Miller
Bob and Carole Millstein
Chester Misztal
Peter Moller
Pamela K. R. Monaco
Robert Moore
Mark Morchower
Norman Mordue
Gail Moreland
Richard Mueller
Janet Muir
Doreen and Thomas Murphy
Janet Murray
Hubert and Mary Nasarenko
Anne Nassar
Ronald A. Naumann
Mary Niemi
Cynthia Nigolian
Patricia Numann
Margaret O’Connor
Vickie Olcott
Ronald Osborn
John and Dina Owens
Mary Oyer
Robert and Teresa Parke
Stephen Parker
Elizabeth Payer
Elizabeth Scherer
Eleanor Pearlman
Margo Sampson
Craig Peets
Patricia Pellenz
Rebecca Peterman
Judith Poltenson
John Przepiora
Carol F. Puschaver
Eugene Quinn
Daniel and Kathryn Rabuzzi
Patricia Ratcliffe
Susan Rathbun
Marjorie Regier
Nancy Rein
Nancy Reiners
Carl and Mary Ellen Reistrom
Christina Rhinehart
Adria T. Ripka
Barbara Robinson
Cheryl Robinson
Paul and Ellyn Roloff
Renee Romance
Barbara Ruiz
Maria Russell
Jack and Renee Ryan
Mary K. Ryan
Mary Salibrici
Louise Schachter
Lois and Mike Schaffer
Elizabeth Scheibel
Caroline Schipper
Kathleen P. Scutt
Gracia H. Sears
Charles Seereiter
Drs. Myra and Berton R. Shayevitz
Margaret W. Sherwin
Bonnie Silvernail
Jim and Cathy Skvorak
John and Patricia Sly
Tim and Llani Smarzo
Charleen Smith
Susan C. Smith
Rebecca Snedden
Ted Cox and Colleen Snow
John and Maria Soldo
Glenda N. Spencer
Ron Spencer
Stuart Spiegel
David and Mary Ellen St. Amour
Gregory Stack
Shaun Standford
John Starr
Deb Stephenson
Anne Stewart
Kathleen Stockmann
Kathleen Stribley
Hollis Strong
Robert Sudlow
Julia Sydorowych
Jordan Tannenbaum
Peggy Tatum
Jane Thimme
Diane Thompson
Cherry Thun
Debra Tobin
Sandra Townsend
Pauline A. Tracy
Frederick Trump
Richard Tuttle
Patricia Urban
Richard Van Valkenburgh
David Vercelloni
Jean Vincent
Kristin Walcott
Darlene Waldron
JoAnn Wallace
Robert Walsh
Leslie Walter
Kathryn A. Warner
James A. Weidman
Robert Welcher
Randy Wheat
Carol Whitmore
Elizabeth Williams
Marlene Williams
Edward and Nancy Wojslawowicz
Barbara Woodarek
James and Janet Woodworth
Nancy Workman
Nancy J. Zarach
Marsha Zimmerman
Henry A. Zucker