WCNY Spring Collaboration- Benjamin Franklin

Did you catch our live virtual screening and discussion of Benjamin Franklin on Thursday? If not, we have some behind the scenes photos and information to share with you!

Cindy, Sandy, Shelly and myself (Jen) visited the WCNY studios Thursday afternoon to support Oasis instructor, Oasis Education Committee chair and Benjamin Franklin panelist, Tom Henry. It’s always nice to visit our community partners, and WCNY welcomed us with open arms. We were the only in-studio viewers, but as of Thursday morning there were 443 Zoom registrants!

I’m not much of a history buff, so my knowledge of Franklin only included his role as a Founding Father and his work with electricity and the invention of the lightning rod. I am proud to say that I can add the following facts about Franklin to my knowledge: he had a strong desire to constantly improve himself using his 13 virtues method; he authored Poor Richard’s Almanack; he was the first US Postmaster General; and he was a primary founder of the University of Pennsylvania.

Interested in learning more about Franklin and his quintessential American story? Tune into Ken Burn’s four-hour documentary April 4-5 at 8 Eastern Time on WCNY.