Oasis String Ensemble Performs First Concert since the Covid 19 pandemic

Bach’s Lunch with Friends

String Ensemble April 2022

Upstate Oasis was pleased to offer its first concert since the Covid 19 pandemic began in 2020. On Tuesday, the Oasis String Ensemble preformed their spring concert “Bach’s Lunch with Friends” with music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Pachelbel and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The ensemble was led by new instructor/music director Victor Vallo Jr. The members of the orchestra included Margrit Diehl, Rick Mueller and Pamela Tabell-Wagner as violin I; Kathy Gilbert, Dianne Camarda and Joan Arro as violin II; Mary Jo Carlson and Kathleen Stockman on the viola; Glenda Ranallo and Randy Colman on the cello; and Thalia Collis on the double bass.

If you play a string instrument and would like to join the Oasis String Ensemble which will be known as the Oasis Chamber Orchestra moving forward, please view class #106 in the summer course catalog.